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Tiffany Poirier
Teacher, Author, & Founder
The Learning Coats Project

2 thoughts on “GET INVOLVED!

  1. I am excited, amazed and enthralled with the concept of the learning coats. I would love to create my own and if possible, with your permission, once I have navigated the process for myself with your shared resources, offer to host such a project for my own town community! We could all do with sharing our knowledge, journeys, talents, memories and so many other things with the aim of uniting our community with stronger ties and identities. Congratulations on such a wonderful inspirational idea of recognizing ones’ worth and celebrating our own and others!
    Warmest regards,
    Robyn Cummings West Australia

    • Thank you, Robyn! I’m so excited and honoured that the Learning Coats Project captures your interest! You will see more resources on as well for the partner project where educational leaders make their own coats. I do hope you will email me a picture or two and let me know how this project goes for you and your group of you decide to take it on. My email is Take care! Tiffany Poirier


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