The Learning Coats Project—richer learning tailored by you! One of a kind—that’s you! You’re on a learning journey, and your Learning Coat is like a map, travel log, and compass all in one! And you can wear it!


Just get a coat or shirt  and add words, imagery, symbols and hidden treasures.  For example, a wise man once said, “Who we are is both dust and gold”.  That’s cool metaphor!  Tuck that in your pockets and think about it!

What else can you add?  Metaphors, inspirations, questions, reflections, ideas, goals, dreams, and stuff you care about!  That’s a Learning Coat! Decorate with anything you like: markers, paint, fabric scraps, and little bits you scavenge from around the house.  Attach it all with this stuff: glue, stapler, safety pins, glue gun, duct tape or needle and thread.


The Learning Coats Project is a hands-on way to learn critical thinking, creativity, metacognition, self-awareness and goal-setting.

And it’s a fun activity to share with others.  You’ll learn even more when you talk through your ideas. Learning Coats build learning communities—because we’re all one of a kind, and we’re all in this journey together!  Make one today! Get richer learning tailored by you…with The Learning Coats Project!